Sunday, November 18, 2007

Flight Lesson # 11

Well, its been awhile since I've posted and as you can see I've skipped talking about a couple of lessons. I had lesson number 11 on 13 November 2007 after a little over 2 months off due to some personal issues and the closing of the club at Ft. Lewis. I am now training with Glacier Aviation out of KOLM with the same instructor that I had over at KGRF.

The last 2 flights I had at KGRF were simple review before I had my first solo but my life went in to a tail-spin the week I was supposed to take my pre-solo written test and do the deed.

This flight (#11) made me nervous but I was excited and ready for the challenge. As I climbed into my "new" airplane (N856DA) I saw that even though its roughly the same year of C152, things are a little different. I only have one radio to work with so that's a little harder to manage than my last plane but I'm ok with that. The cockpit is in better condition but the plane requires a little right rudder most of the time during flight.

Most of our time was spent getting familiar with the different plane, a much busier airport and knocking the rust off after a long break from flying.

My takeoff from KOLM was pretty smooth and we flew to the training area to the north over the southern part of the Puget sound where we did a few steep turns, slow flight and power off stalls. My first stall was pretty bad, as the stall broke I found that I was out of trim and the nose slipped off to the right pretty quickly. I wasn't quite fast enough setting the plane back to level and didn't release enough back pressure to break the stall correctly.....arrgghh!!!

This is something I've never had a problem with before but by the second one I was back in the game and did a pretty good job of making corrections on my own.

We headed back to KOLM (after trying to find it *wink*) and I made my first T&G from a straight in approach. I was still carrying a little bit of power during the landing but other than that I did pretty well. I found that the pattern is a little harder to fly properly without knowing the area but I didn't get too wide on any of the legs. My next landing was a little better than the first and my third was even better than that.

Overall both my instructor and I were pretty happy with the flight after such a long break. My next lesson will review power on stalls and emergency procedures with a forward slip to landing thrown in here and there.

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Patch Adams said...

Very cool! I completed my flight training in Spokane, WA (KGEG). Never got to fly over to the "wet side" before moving to Florida.

I started a blog to cover my lessons. You might enjoy what I have posted.