Sunday, February 24, 2008

Must complete Private Pilot Lessons before deployment

I hate to say it but my lessons have come to a halt once more.

Not only have I had to work more than normal and had some MAJOR personal issues to deal with, now I'm out of cash and running up on a deployment with my Army unit to Iraq.

I hope that you all will understand the need for this request but I'd really like to get further along with my training, but when each hour of flight instruction costing about the same as a full days pay it can be hard.

This was a goal of mine before I deployed to Iraq the first time back in 2004 and I started my training in November of 2006 but have been hung up by weather, club closures, personal problems, Army training schedules and money problems.

I don't expect anything from anybody but a little help wouldn't hurt as I only have 6 months before I head back to the sand box for one more year at war.

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