Monday, October 12, 2009

Zaon Portable Collision Avoidance System

Zaon Portable Collision Avoidance System - PCAS XRX Onyx

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Zaon Portable Collision Avoidance System - PCAS XRX Onyx

Zaon PCAS XRXO-A Onyx system: The first portable collision avoidance system to give
you relative altitude. And now, the only device with quadrant direction. Why
would you fly without it?

  • Tiny, unobtrusive size (3.9" x 3.6" x 2.7")

  • Digital range, scalable from 6NM to 1NM

  • Relative altitude, scalable from +-2500 ft to +-500 ft, with
    ascending/descending indicator

  • Metal or composite airframes

  • Displays top three intruders

  • A built-in altimeter, a built-in compass, and a built-in turn/bank
    sensor, and internal thermometer provide the highest, real-time accuracy

  • Completely portable

  • Audio voice alerts for threats and advisories are included, with both
    Headset-Direct(TM) hookup and in-cabin output

  • Built-in directional antenna

  • Instant traffic updates with no delays

  • "3-D" view Quadrant Direction, 45° increments

  • Menu-driven interface, with selectable aircraft profiles and advanced
    calibration options

  • Displays the local squawk code, altitude, bank angle, bearing and

  • RS-232 out for integration with other units.

XRX is the first ever portable, passive, stand-alone collision avoidance
system for general aviation to offer direction from within the cockpit. Threat
aircraft direction can be detected from within your cockpit in a tiny,
self-contained unit. XRX offers multiple aircraft information, audio alerts and
advisories, an easy-to-use menu interface, and local information. XRX displays
"3-D View" quadrant bearing information, as well as relative altitude and range,
all from inside the cockpit and without the need for external antenna arrays.

The detection window is scalable with a maximum range of 6 NM, and altitude
of +/-2500 feet. The tiny unit is only 3.9" (100mm) wide, 3.6" (93mm) deep, and
2.7" (69mm) tall. The majority of the height is for the enclosed antenna array.
XRX tracks up to 10 aircraft and displays the top three threats with all three
axis of information. Close traffic is announced by two levels of voice alerts.

Following in the footsteps of previous models, the traffic information
accuracy is the best in the industry. Range is accurate to 0.2 NM on average,
and altitude to +/- 200 ft. The unit displays the local squawk code, altitude,
and bearing. The easy-to-read LCD display boasts large numerals and EL
backlighting for night operation. All parameters are controlled by an
easy-to-use menu system.

XRX includes many built-in sensors for razor-sharp accuracy, including a
pressure altimeter for relative altitude accuracy, a solid-state 16-point
compass for bearing accuracy, a solid-state attitude and bank sensor for bearing
accuracy, temperature compensators and overtemp protection for accuracy in any
environment. The unit also monitors aircraft bus voltage and host transponder
operations and is powered through aircraft power (12-40 V compatible). All
traffic data is output through a built-in RS-232 data port. An installable
upgrade will also be available.

Everything you need is included!

  • Dash-mount unit with integrated antenna

  • Cigarette-lighter adaptor

  • Audio cable

  • Velcro mounting dots

  • Silicone "gripper" feet

  • 75-page Owner's Manual

  • Quick Guide

  • Hard carrying case

List Price: $1,795.00

Our Price: $1,375.00
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