Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finding the right partner to share an airplane with

For the many pilots of the Pacific Northwest either looking for the right airplane or the airplane owner that is looking for the right partners to share their plane with your search can end.

At we bring together both pilots looking to team up for a purchase as well as airplane owners that would like to sell a share or two of their planes.

By shareing an airplane you not only lower the cost of ownership but increases the usage of the airplane and that we all know that a plane that is used is a happy plane.

We don't care what the size or cost of your plane is, we'll help set up co-ownership plans for kit plane owners, basic training aircraft or jets.

We are here to make airplane ownership and usage affordable for all pilots.

Look at our map today and share your information so we can post you on our partners page.

If you send your information to us we will add you to the map but we have changed the way we will add you to only include the town that you are listing and not the full address.
Let us help get you in to the air today!

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