Saturday, May 10, 2014

Does Garmin have a PC simulator for my aviation GPS?

The answer is a resounding...... probably. Garmin has been known for their terrific customer support over the years so I would be surprised if they didn't offer some sort of free training right on their web site. Below you will find an extract taken from their web site that shows a list of supported units with links to their training products. This is a little dated but should remain helpful for years to come.

If you don't find what you are looking for, contact me directly as I have a library of material and can offer some hands on training in your airplane if you wish.

Have fun and fly safe!

Does Garmin have a PC simulator for my aviation GPS unit?

Garmin currently has PC simulators for the following aviation units:
  • GNS 400/W
  • GNS 420/W
  • GNS 430/W
  • GNS 500/W
  • GNS 530/W
  • GNS 480
  • GTN 750
  • GTN 725
  • GTN 650
  • GTN 635
  • GTN 625
  • G600 / G500
  • G1000
All simulators, except the G1000 simulators, are available to download free of charge from our website at for the GNS 400/500 series, for the G500/G600, or for the GTN 600/700 series.
The DVD-ROM for the G1000 simulator can be purchased at under PC Trainers on the Accessories tab.

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