Sunday, October 12, 2014

Aviation Equipment Rental

Have you ever wished that you had a video camera to record that special flight? How about a GPS tracker for a little extra piece of mind on that long flight across the rugged mountain pass?

I know that there are a lot of tools and gadgets that I would like to carry on certain flights but I simply cannot justify the initial or recurring costs. We are working on integrating a shopping cart to this blog that will allow you to rent a camera, GPS tracker, or other gizmo for a couple of days or longer if needed.

Below is an example from the shopping cart for a SPOT tracker. All rentals will include the service plan required for that device but not shipping or insurance.

GPS Rentals

Watch Our Video
User Guide for SPOT Messenger Rental
Rent a SPOT 2 GPS Personal Tracker & Locator Beacon
3 Days$??.00
7 Days$??.00
14 Days$??.00
21 Days$??.00
1 Month$??.00

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