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Bendix/King AV8OR Handheld GPS / MFD

Bendix/King AV8OR Handheld GPS / MFD

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Bendix/King AV8OR Handheld GPS / MFD

Sleek, Powerful and Versatile; in the Air or on the Ground. The new Bendix/King
AV8OR Handheld Multi-Function Display (MFD) takes you to the airport, provides
airborne weather and guidance enroute to your destination, and even provides
multimedia entertainment along the way. Designed by pilots, for pilots; the
AV8OR's innovative features and exceptional graphical user interface mean you'll
spend less time entering data and more time piloting.


  • Big 4.3" Touch Screen LCD

  • Real-time satellite weather (with WxWorx XM receiver and XM
    subscription, purchased separately)

  • Built-in automotive database

  • Multimedia player (music, movies & more)

  • Bluetooth cell phone/GPS interface

  • On-screen keyboard for easy entry of identifiers

  • Smart-Profile Altitude Display view lets you plan ahead with a vertical
    profile view of terrain, airspaces and obstacles on your course

  • Touch-and-See feature lets you identify and get critical information for
    objects on the map with a simple tap on the screen

  • Touch-and-Drag feature makes panning the map a simple, one-touch

  • The AV8OR can be easily connected to your PC for quick database updates
    as well as uploads of flight plans or multimedia files

  • Upload logged flights to your home PC for display on programs such as
    Google Earth

  • 4 GB data card contains aviation and automotive databases for either
    North America/Canada or Europe

  • Automotive database includes more than 10 million Points of Interest
    (POI) in the U.S. and 2 million POIs in Canada

  • Dual Bluetooth interfaces for alternate devices such as a cell phone, XM
    weather receiver, or alternate GPS Receiver

Bendix/King's new AV8OR, a portable GPS with navigation routing and planning
for aircraft use and car navigation functionality as well.

The new Bendix/King AV8OR portable Multi-Function Display (MFD) provides GPS
navigation and weather information for both the aircraft and vehicle, with an
exceptional graphical user interface. The AV8OR puts the essential functionality
that pilots want in an easy to use and easy to see package, all at a very
affordable price.

By putting more information in the hands of pilots, the AV8OR helps enhance
situational awareness and safety in the cockpit. Small and sleek, the AV8OR is
designed with an external interface to access displayable XM weather information
and features a moving map with vertical terrain profile on a large, easy to
read, 4.3-inch diagonal display.

The AV8OR features a 20-channel SiRF III GPS receiver that receives WAAS
Satellite signals. The adjustable, high-brightness 150 fL LCD with 480 x 272
pixels provides a clear, clean view of your route with an efficient touch screen
and exceptional user interface derived from the pilot friendly, panel mounted
Bendix/King MFD systems. Powered by the latest in mobile processing, the AV8OR
includes a 4-Gigabyte data card containing aviation databases for North and
South America or Europe and Africa and automotive databases specific to
U.S./Canada or Europe with plenty of room to spare.

This device is easily connected to your PC for quick file or database updates
as well as uploads of flight plans. Users can also see logged flights from
programs such as Google Earth.

In addition to aircraft and automobile navigation, its features include a
music/movie player, ability to read electronic books and dual Bluetooth
interfaces for alternate devices such as a cell phone, XM Weather Receiver, or
Alternate GPS Receiver. Mounting hardware for both your car and your airplane is
included in the package.

Add XM Satellite Weather for Less Than $473.00

The AV8OR interfaces with the XM satellite weather via either a portable
receiver from WxWorx (purchased separately), or the KDR-610 WX receiver. If
using the WxWorx receiver, either the Bluetooth-enabled version or an RS-232
version with a custom cable for the AV8OR Unit can be used. When you
purchase an AV8OR you will receive a coupon from WxWorx in the box good for the
purchase of a WxWorx Bluetooth receiver for the discounted price of $472.61
(Wireless Bluetooth receiver bundle) or $376.00 (Wired RS232 receiver bundle).
Limit one receiver per AV8OR purchase. Receiver must be purchased directly from
WxWorx using the enclosed coupon.

Standard equipment includes:

  • 800MAh Battery

  • 12V-28V DC Adapter

  • 120/220V AC Adapter

  • PC/USB Cable

  • Carrying Bag, Remote GPS Antenna

  • Aviation Mount

  • Automotive Windshield Mount

  • Earphones

  • CD of User's Manual

  • Printed Quick Reference Guide

  • 4-Gig Data Card with Car and Aviation Databases (for US/Canada)

Weight: 7.6 oz

Width: 5.04 in. (12.8 cm)

Height: 3.23 in. (8.2 cm)

Length (Depth): 0.86 in (2.2 cm)

List Price: $799.00
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I would not expect such a versatile piece of equipment to only cost short of $500. That would be invaluable to people who are always on the move like execs.