Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Forming a Military Flying Club at Lewis and McChord

With the joining of Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base I think it's time to try to restart a flying club.

I know that something of this size and scope will require the approval and assistance of people of much higher rank than this Sergeant so I am asking all of you for help.

The old club closed for many different reasons but the reason that is the hardest to overcome is the fact that they weren't making a profit.

The Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) manager saw it as a money drain and because of that and other reasons, they shut down this wonderful club.

With the combining of the two installations and the increased number of troops based at the complex, I feel that not only would there be an increased demand for training or ramp space but the increased numbers to support this.

My idea is to keep this separate from the MWR program and require the club to stand on its own without the support from either the Air Force or the Army.

Some ramp space, a building or a location for a trailer, plus a fuel cell would be required but not the DOD owned aircraft or the extra dollars from the MWR program.

Let me hear your ideas and help me to get this started, Auburn and Olympia (KOLM) are both too far away so even if you suggest a different location, have an airplane that we can use to attract members or happen to be a CFI then jump on board and lets get this club formed.

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Don't say it can't be done, instead help us find away!

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Unknown said...

A Military Flying club is any outstanding Idea. The Idea of a Stand alone club, is an excellent idea. If an organizer could get the help of any Student pilots (from the army and Airforce personnel) a club could be form with its own bi laws, and charter. Any young enlisted and Officers alike you enjoy the fun and excitement of flying. A flying club is not just for officers. But for Dependents as well. One idea is to Partner with a local airfield(FBO) to lease or rent aircraft, Until members increase to purchase and aircraft and insurance. Best of Luck, My time at Fort Lewis live in my fond memory's.