Monday, March 22, 2010

Flying the VFR transition over Sea-Tac Airport - KSEA

Well, after months of fighting the weather, mx issues and scheduling.... I finally made the trip. My route was OLM-PWT-SEA-S36-PAE on the way up and on the way back it was PAE to OLM direct.

I got myself all worked up trying to make sure my calculations and everything were spot on and it all worked out almost perfectly. I was a matter of a couple of minutes off of my ETA, working with ATC was a great experience and made life easy and I learned a lot.

The only complaint that I have is that I only took 2 photos.... I forgot that I had the camera with me and then I dropped it under the seat during an unplanned bump.

The first pic is to the north of SEA and the second is to the south just before I crossed the numbers for the VFR transition.

Today was a very good day. :)

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