Monday, April 12, 2010

Washington Tax Increase Could Be History

The Washington State House voted on a revised version of the tax bill that does not include the aircraft excise tax increase.

The 0.5 percent excise tax would have cause many private pilots and small companies to flee from the once strong aviation scene that has existed in Washington State since Bill Boeing and family founded their small company.

Aviation in the state is, in my opinion, a shadow of its former self. Every airport that I visit appears to be home to rotting hangers and under used General Aviation aircraft.

Years ago you could park at even the smallest of public use airports and watch the flight training or see the family airplanes being loaded for a vacation.

There are many reasons for the quiet airfields fields today. Every part of the country has hit hard times and are just now starting to recover but what I have a problem with is when the government fails to remember that their income is tied directly to the people.

How much tax revenue did the state lose when Boeing moved jobs out of state because of disagreements with the state?

How much would they lose if boaters, pilots and others stopped using their pleasure craft?

In the short term they would increase their revenue but as time went by, registrations would fall and the world of aviation would continue its decline.

Thank the people that spoke up against this last attempt to raise the excise tax.

AOPA, WPA, NBAA and the thousands of people that called and wrote their representatives.

By the time you read this, the April 12th vote on this bill proposal should be finished. I hope that our state will make the right choice for all involved and that they have listened to the people.

If we are allowed to keep more of our money, we will in turn spend more of that money and as a result, the State will collect more in taxes that are already in place.

Everybody wins and everybody is happy.

Fly safe and fly a lot!

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