Wednesday, February 26, 2014

178 Seconds to live VFR into IMC

If you are a VFR only pilot or an IFR rated pilot that isn't current, take heed of the message in this video.

I was fortunate to learn my lesson with a safety net on board. I was on one of my first IFR cross country flights during training and found myself in actual conditions. While I had some experience flying the instruments, it wasn't much more than how to keep the plane upright and going in the general direction that you wanted it to.

Doesn't this sound like the training received when you are first earning your Private Pilot?

I was allowed to become confused, misinterpret the instruments and basically just mess up.
The difference in my situation is that I was able to experience this in a training environment with an instructor that I trusted on board to bail me out.

Do yourself, your family, and your passengers a favor and stay clear of potentially fatal situations.
Get some additional training or a full instrument rating to help expand your experience and increase your chances of survival when the weather starts to turn ugly.

Some free resources can be found at the Air Safety Institute

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