Saturday, February 15, 2014

BruceAir: More Skidding Stalls

Are you worried about practicing stalls because they might develop in to a spin?

Do you carry a little extra speed on short final in an attempt to avoid stalling at low altitude?

While I haven't had Mr. Bruce Williams as an instructor yet, I have followed his advice on numerous message boards, watched his videos, and read his blog entries. I am hoping to take a flight or ten during the summer of 2014 to go over spin and unusual attitude recovery as well as some basic aerobatics. You can bet that I will post my lessons learned as well as my observations of his training style.

My suggestion is that if you are afraid of stalls and spins, get with Bruce or someone like him and stall and spin the plane until the recovery is second nature. Being able to recognize an impending stall or spin, and reacting properly, takes more than reading about it in a book.

This is a lesson that I look forward to.

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