Thursday, March 29, 2007

Flight lesson number 2

Well, its been a couple of weeks since I started flying and both the weather and my schedule have not been great so its been hard to get up in the air.

Yesterday I was able to get up for an hour in the afternoon for the second flight lesson in the Jeppesen syllabus and man it was great.

Even though it was basically the first flight all over again, this time I was on the controls 100% of the time and even though I had help, the take off was basically mine.

We started the lesson with some ground school and then moved in to the preflight. I did it all by myself with the instructor watching over my shoulder asking questions and making small corrections.

He handled all of the radio work on the way out as we headed to the run up area and after working my way through the check list we headed to the runway.

As the instructor talked me through the process he helped to keep the plane straight on the runway with a little rudder and aileron to correct for the cross wind. I'm glad he did because I haven't done this before!!!

We quickly picked up off of the runway and left the pattern to the practice area.

After a few 90deg turns to the left and the right, a climb and decent or two it was time for a little slow flight.

I have already grown tired of the stall warning horn!!!

We seemed to hang there in mid air while I watched boats go under us and birds fly across our nose.

All too soon it was time to head back in and it got a little bumpy in that old Cessna 152 as we came through 1000 feet on final.

Holding a stead 60knots as we sank towards the runway I began to wonder who was flying the plane!!!!!

I was doing as I was told and even now I couldn't tell you who was in control of the plane on touch down but I will tell you this.....the controls never seemed to be fighting against me, the instructor didn't scream or hit me and the plane touched down in one piece.

I guess that makes it a successful flight!

I really didn't feel if the instructor was taking the controls more than I was and I know I didn't knowingly give them up to him so I like to think that we both landed the plane together.

That's about it for flight #2, I'm looking forward to #3 on permitting!

Wish me luck!

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