Monday, March 05, 2007

Had my first flight today!

After 6 other attempts to get in the air I finally had my first true to life flying lesson today!

I've flown other planes and had blast doing it in the past but now it was up to me. I didn't figure on the workload required for a simple flight like mine today but when you know that its up to you things just feel different.

I have flown a few hours in an old Taylorcraft but I knew that it was just for fun. Today and every day after is for record and now I really need to have a grasp of what is going on.

Having said that, the old Cessna 152 that I was up in felt rock solid and I couldn't have asked for a better first flight. I was on the controls the entire flight except for landing. We made a few simple turns and just got familiar with the plane and the surrounding area.

Flying near the Tacoma Narrows bridge and the state prison was wonderful! The boats on the water looked like toys in a bath tub and the cars on I-5 could have been toys on my kids bedroom floor.

Weather and money permitting I will try to get up again on Saturday and report back about stalls and slow flight!

Have a wonderful week and please......HELP GET THIS SMILE OFF OF MY FACE!!!

Never mind, I like it there!!!

Total Time: .8hrs


TheNewsBlogger said...

Is that you in the youtube video up there of the plane that just about overran the runway?

I've always been curious what the story was on that. :)

Red4Golf said...

Nope, not me. This guy got in to trouble be comming in to a verry narrow strip too fast is some bad winds. He was luck to have gotten it on the ground but I bet there was some damage.

I will post some video of me but that will come later.

TheNewsBlogger said...

Cool... was just curious. It was an interesting video, to say the least. :)

Good luck with your training! I remember my first flight from 6 years ago very well, and it was nice to get back into it last year (and to pass my checkride last month... yippeee!).

Have fun, fly safe!