Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Flight Lesson # 3

On Saturday I had lesson number 3 at the Ft. Lewis flying club. It was a beautiful day with about 6knots of wind right down the runway and a ceiling of about 8000 feet.

I did the preflight without my instructor and we jumped in. After a few minutes trying to fix the headset jack on my side of the aircraft, we were off the ground and climbing at about 500 feet per minute when my CFI handed me the hood and said "do it blind". After I put the hood on everything started to go to pieces. My turn outbound was over shot by about ten degrees, chased both my airspeed and altimeter and generally felt not only behind the plane but out of control.

After removing the hood I didn't feel much better about the flight. We did some power on and power off stalls, basic turns, climbs and descents. After about an hour we came back in and did a touch and go that felt "ok" but I could feel the CFI all over the controls so I knew I wasn't in charge of the situation very well. I applied max power and took off again so that we could do a simulated engine out landing.

While I still enjoyed myself I was a little bummed out by how frazzled I got and how I never felt right about my flying that day. I guess I shouldn't expect much more than that since I am still in the single digits with my logged hours. Next time will be better.

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