Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Flight Lesson # 4

Last week I actually flew with my primary instructor!!! Its the first time we've been up together because he's been booked solid for the last couple of months.

As I expected, the beautiful day started to turn bad as I pulled in to the club parking lot and figured we wouldn't be doing much for my lesson.

After the preflight lesson we decided to go up to work on emergency procedures and knock out the demonstrated stalls (cross controlled, secondary, etc.) and see how I handled the plane in rough weather with some haze.

After getting out to the practice area we found a patch of smooth air and I was introduced to the steep turn. I didn't do too bad considering that I could hardly see the horizon with all of the haze around me. Even Mt. Rainier was blocked from my view. We did a few simulated engine out procedures and finished with a couple of touch and goes before calling it a day.

I felt like I was in control through the entire flight and walked away feeling like I had made some good progress. I just hope that more of my lessons go like this.

Total time 4.0 hrs as of 28 April 07

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