Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Flight Lesson # 5

On Monday I was able to squeeze in a lesson after work so I went up with the senior instructor to finish what I had started in lesson 4 and work on lesson 5.

The weather was absolutely beautiful with winds from 190 at 2knots, temp 70 and clear skies.

We had a couple problems with the intercom system that had to be figured out since I couldn't hear the instructor at all but that was a minor bump in the road.

After getting airborne I had to wear the view limiting goggles for a little instrument time, while I did better this time it was still very hard to stay on course and level without being able to see the horizon.

We knocked out a couple of steep turns, power on and off stalls and some engine out procedures before hearing in to do a little pattern work.

This is where the world became unforgiving. The cross wind was very mild at about 4knots at this point but it was still a little too much for my first landing, I was off of the center line and had the instructor all over the controls trying to help me get back on track.

The next landing was more of a demonstration on cross wind landings and my take off was much better this time.

The third attempt is where things started to get a little funny for me, I went wide on my downwind leg, got too low on my turn to base and overshot the turn to final. This put me wide to the right and about 200 feet low so I did my first go around.

The final landing was a little better but I was still behind on my turns, power and altitude management but I mad it on the ground without much guidance. The shocker of this landing was on the next take off, my instructor pulled the throttle back to idle at about 100 feet AGL to simulate an engine out......... It was a very interesting touch down that made the tower ask if we needed assistance.

What a lesson that was.

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