Monday, September 14, 2009

Back in the air again!

Hi everyone!
Today was my first day back in the air sine I returned from Iraq and it was GREAT!
Am I a top notch pilot?
Will I be the next instructor at Top Gun?
Not so much.......
I couldn't remember everything I needed to about the aircraft checkout process from the FBO or even the airport procedures or layout.
Good thing that I had Steve my instructor right there next to me the entire time.
In truth, I was pretty nervous today, I had forgotten how bumpy it can be in a Cessna with a little wind and not the nicest of days this week.
I actually felt pretty off and a little spooked as the plane was being tossed around because it has been so long and I really didn't feel in control of anything.
The Olympia airport (KOLM) is fairly busy and today was no exception, there was a Army Black Hawk, a Luscomb and a Piaggio Avanti to name just a few that I was sharing the pattern with.
Because of the poor weather today I spent some time just flying around getting used to being back in control of an airplane again before returning for a few touch and goes.
I felt a little better by the time we got back to the airport and was starting to have a little more fun again but was still a little nervous.
After a few firm but decent landings I was done for the day.
On my way back to the office I was talking to one of the guys hanging around the FBO and he commented on my landings and compared them to a different student that was also doing a few T&Gs at the same time.
He liked my landings while the other guys were pretty poor as far as he was saying, the best part was that he didn't know I had been out flying yet so he wasn't just being nice.
I'm back in the air so keep your ears open for N856DA and we'll see you out there!

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