Monday, September 21, 2009

Gotta love N40TP

Well, I've had 3 flights in the Cessna 172 N40TP and I am really enjoying it. I was having some problems with nerves in the 152 and it was really holding me back but the solid feel of the 172 has really gotten me over the hump.

Today I was out working on power on and off stalls when I got caught with my eyes on the panel when they should have been outside. Steve promptly covered the panel with his jacket and told me to try again but this time do it by sound and feel.

I must say that I was in trim and didn't have a problem at all. It was a great feeling!

As we headed back to the airfield, we stayed about 4000 agl and I was told to perform a circling approach for an engine out landing.

I put her in to a standard rate turn at a glide of 65 knots and a 500 fpm decent rate. Each circle worked out to 1000 feet lost and put me right over the numbers on each pass.

I was a little high even with full flaps while on short final until the good old forward slip was used. I think I surprised my CFI with that because I started the slip before he suggested it, he seemed happy.

After a not too bad landing we called it a day. My next flight is in a couple of days and I have been told that I might solo on the next flight after that. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Its been almost 3 years, 2 schools, 2 CFI's and 3 planes with a Iraq deployment and divorce thrown in the middle but the first big milestone is within my grasp.

Time Today: 1.4
Total Time: 21.4

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