Friday, July 08, 2011

Inadvertent flight in to IMC by a VFR pilot

All VFR only pilots are aware of the dangers of inadvertent flight in to IMC conditions and receive some basic instruction as to how to deal with the situation if it should arise.

Avoiding clouds should be an easy thing to do but it does sometimes happen for various reasons. The sad thing is that it is fatal more often then not. If you doubt that, just think JFK Jr. Even though he was flying on a clear night and not in danger of running in to a hard to see cloud, night flying over water might as well be considered pure IFR flying due to the lack of a distinct horizon.

I have attached an audio clip of a pilot that found himself in a bad position as recorded by the Air Traffic Control (ATC) system. He did the right thing by seeking help and staying calm and the controller was amazing with the level of help and cool demeanor that he maintained.

When a pilot that isn't IFR rated looses their visual reference, it becomes easy to get confused. The body starts to play tricks on the mind and if not careful, the pilot will make the situation worse unless they are trained to ignore their body and rely on the flight instruments.

Listen to the tapes and stay safe!

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