Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Shame on corporate jet owners

If you listen to President Obama, accelerated depreciation is a tax benefit that allows the wealthy and corporations to escape paying taxes on their toys.

What it actually does is benefit all companies, both large and small, that purchase equipment for their business. If the President removes or even reduces this tax benefit on airplanes he should do it across the board.

He won't do that and I'll tell you why....... People see business jet owners and pilots in general as rich people that dash around the world on a whim just because they have the cash. What a lot of people fail to realize is that corporations that operate their own aircraft are free to move about and see clients, conduct site visits to factories that are not on the normal airline routes and do much more on their own schedule, not just when Delta or United can take them.

Not only does it make the company more productive, it also keeps airplane manufacturers in business as well as support staff at airports, fuel handlers, mechanics and many others that exist to provide needed services where ever these planes go.

Pilots, PLEASE help educate the non-flying public about the good that these aircraft do for companies and the country as a whole. Let them know that you can be a teacher, soldier or factory worker and still be a pilot as well as a plane owner. Don't let half truths poison the unaware because that will be the end of General Aviation forever.

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